Rocky Mountain Collision Invests in Aluminum Repair Equipment

April 20, 2015

Rocky Mountain Collision recently invested in Pro Spot’s SP-5 Smart MIG and an Aluminum Weld Station–Ford-approved equipment necessary to work on aluminum bodies, such as Ford’s new F-150, in its car body shop.

Car manufacturers are trending toward using aluminum instead of steel to make the vehicle lighter and improve fuel economy. Ford has embraced the material and used aluminum in the new F-150’s body panels and bed.

Aluminum materials require different equipment than steel. Rocky Mountain Collision’s new SP-5 Smart MIG includes settings to work on aluminum, silicon bronze and steel. It features three MIG welding torches, three wire spools and can be used for stick welding.

The Aluminum Weld Station allows Rocky Mountain Collision Repair to pull dents out of aluminum bodies. It features a portable workstation, Pro Pull Dent Puller and Pro Spot AL-5 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder, which allows for aluminum dent pulling and welding UHSS panels.

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