Latest in repair technology comes to Rocky Mountain Collision

June 14, 2016


Cranbrook, BC – Vehicle been in an accident?  The repair process just got easier.

Rocky Mountain Collision is the proud new home to the latest in frame repair – Chief Automotive’s LaserLock™ Live Mapping System™.

This machine effectively scans a damaged vehicle and shows the repair technician exactly where the repairs are needed – in real time.  With this advancement, a tech can adjust techniques and applications moment by moment – therefore returning the vehicle to OEM specifications; there is also the added benefit of cost savings: because of LaserLock’s scanning capabilities, the computer-generated “blueprint” is very thorough, reducing the probability of a tech finding hidden damage during the repair and having to requote the customer.  Newest in technology that will save both time and money.

The staff at Rocky Mountain Collision are delighted to have a tool of such precision at their disposal; with this addition, they look forward to continuing to offer excellence in service and quality.

For more information, please contact RMC either by phone at 778-517-8200 or visit their website at

Rocky Mountain Collision
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